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Naturopaths That Treat Acne in Guelph

Everyone experiences some degree of acne during their teenage years but why do some people experience the occasional pimple while others have constant severe outbreaks? Normally acne resolves in adults but why does it persist in some adults? Acne is a complex condition with numerous factors that contribute to its severity. Every person is unique and thus requires their own individual treatment. We have two naturopaths that treat acne in Gulph and surrounding areas.

Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic - Treating Acne in Guelph

At the Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic, we have a comprehensive approach to naturally treating acne. Our approach typically involves addressing the following:

  • Identify food sensitivities – Food sensitivities (not to be confused with food allergies) have a significant impact on skin health. An individual’s unique food sensitivities can affect inflammation and oil production in the skin that contributes to acne. We help patients determine what foods they can remove to improve their acne.
  • Healthy Diet – A healthy diet contains all the healthy nutrients in the correct balance. Too much or too little of certain types of nutrients (e.g. carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals, etc) can contribute to the development of acne. 
  • Support Detoxification – Some patients have impaired detoxification systems that contribute to acne. If their liver and bowels are sluggish and not removing waste products, these effects can be seen in the skin.  
  • Balance hormone – Numerous hormones affect acne including testosterone, estrogen, IGF-1, and cortisol. For some patients, balancing these hormones is an important part of their treatment approach.
  • Topical treatments – We recommend a few safe, inexpensive and effective natural products that you can apply to your skin to help with acne. Topical treatments can reduce inflammation, kill the bacteria that contribute to acne and help speed up healing of pimples.
  • Supplement nutrients – Some specific nutrients can be taken in supplement form to reduce acne.

Our Naturopaths Treat Acne in Guelph

Matt Gowan and Vicky Weiler Naturoapths
Dr. Gowan, ND & Weiler, ND

Vicky Weiler, ND, and Matt Gowan, ND are both naturopathic doctors with a special interest in treating IBS.  This husband and wife team work at the Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic.

Dr. Matt Gowan is a naturopathic doctor with over 15 years of clinical experience.  He has a special interest in digestive conditions including heartburn, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, infantile colic and IBS.  In addition, he is a professor, author and researcher.

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Dr. Vicky Weiler is the mother of their two children.  She currently is on maternity leave.

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