Ear infections in babies & kids
How we treat ear infections in babies at the Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic

How we treat ear infections in babies at the Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic

Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic has two naturopaths with roughly 25 years of combined experience treating ear infections in babies and children. In addition, our naturopaths have children of their own and love working with kids.

Ear infections in babies are very common and antibiotic use alone does not prevent recurrent infections.   If your child has recurrent ear infections it is important to determine the cause.  Numerous factors may make kids susceptible to the infection, therefore, there’s no “one treatment fits all” approach. Every child is unique and requires their own individual treatment. Our approach typically involves exploring the following:

  • Identify food sensitivities – Food sensitivities are the most common cause of recurrent ear infections in babies.  These food intolerances cause swelling in tissues that prevent proper drainage of the inner ear, making it susceptible to infections.  Removing food sensitivities can prevent recurrent ear infection in babies and kids.
  • Eradicate infections – Pathogenic bacteria are usually the cause of the infection.  Herbal ear drops and other natural products can help fight the bugs that cause ear infections in babies.
  • Improve gut flora – In addition to removing harmful bugs, it is important to supplement with probiotics or “good bacteria” to help recolonize the gut. These good bacteria can stimulate immune function to help prevent infections.
  • Decrease pain –  Treating pain with analgesics does not address the underlying cause, but it makes the child feel better so they can rest and recover faster.

Who treats ear infections in babies at the Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic?

Matt Gowan and Vicky Weiler Naturoapths
Dr. Gowan, ND & Weiler, ND

Vicky Weiler, ND, and Matt Gowan, ND are both naturopathic doctors with a special interest in treating babies and children.  This husband and wife team work at the Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic.  Dr. Vicky is the mother of their two children.  She is currently on maternity leave. Dr. Matt Gowan is a naturopathic doctor with over 15 years of clinical experience and loves working with kids.  In addition, he is a professor, author, and researcher.

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