How we treat bloating naturally in Guelph

Our experienced team of naturopaths helps people with bloating in Guelph and the surrounding area. Bloating is not a disease but rather a symptom. Numerous factors cause chronic bloating, therefore, there’s no “one treatment fits all” approach. Every person is unique and requires their own individual treatment. Our approach typically involves exploring the following:

  • Guelph bloatingIdentify food sensitivities – Food sensitivities (not to be confused with food allergies) are a common cause of chronic bloating. These food intolerances are usually caused by an immune reaction involving IgG antibodies that can be identified using a blood test (1-3). Elimination diets can also help identify the culprits. (4)
  • Promote digestion – Sluggish digestion can cause food to sit in the digestive tract and produce bloating. Certain herbs can help stimulate digestion and ensure the rapid breakdown and descent of food.
  • Bulking agents – Certain fibre-rich foods can improve stool consistency, thus promoting regularity and reducing bloating.
  • Osmotic laxatives – Dry stools become difficult to pass and may cause gasses to become trapped. Magnesium can help pull water into the bowels helping to hydrate the stool.
  • Manage stress – Although stress is not the primary cause of bloating, it can aggravate and precipitate episodes. Stress management may help improve constipation. (4, 5)
  • Improve gut flora – Some “bad” bacteria produce methane gas that inhibits peristalsis and leads to constipation.(6) Yeast can also ferment carbohydrates leading to increased gas production and bloating. Reducing these “bad bugs” and supplementing with “good” bacteria can help resolve bloating.
  • Reduce gas & cramping – Certain herbs called carminative can help reduce bloating and gas and normalize intestinal peristalsis.

Who can help relieve your bloating in Guelph area?

Matt-Gowan-naturopath-guelphDr. Matt Gowan is a naturopathic doctor with over 15 years of clinical experience.  He has a special interest in digestive conditions including bloating, IBS, colitis, heartburn, diarrhea, infantile colic, and constipation.  In addition, he is a professor, author, and researcher. He currently sees patients at Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic. Please contact him to get help with your constipation in Guelph.

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