Jenna Street

Jenna Street Counselling – this practice uses a holistic and client-centred approach towards healing and growth. Jenna works as a gentle guide to help navigate the core wounds and hidden elements in the depths of the mind, body and soul. Whether you have specific symptoms or worries, or generally feel stuck, lost or unmotivated, she can work with you to access the innate healing within yourself. Using a depth model, she helps you explore the blocks which keep you out of alignment with your greatest potential and natural inclinations.

Jenna is held in this work by a web of mentors, who affirm her pursuit of guiding others on their own healing journey. Being able to witness her clients awaken to their true selves, and to parts of them which were lost or hidden, is profoundly nourishing to her. She holds faith in your healing journey, that you will find peace and fulfill your dreams.

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